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Earn 1 CRCE for a course on Patient-Ventilator Dysynchrony February 21

Earn 1 CRCE credit in this 60 minute webinar featuring renowned respiratory therapist, Eric Kriner, BS, RRT


Hosted by IngMar Medical, we invite you to join us for a one hour crash course on Patient-Ventilator Dysynchrony.
“The problem of patient-ventilator dysynchrony is complex. The ability to recognize the problem requires a strong knowledge of ventilator waveforms. The ability to fix the problem requires a strong knowledge of how every set parameter controls each portion of the respiratory cycle,” explains Kriner. 


Join us on Tuesday, February 21st at 1:00 p.m. E.T. to learn more about patient-ventilator synchrony. This webinar is free of charge and will be conducted using GoToWebinar technology. Please note, registration is required in order to attend. Click here to register.