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NCSRC Annual Symposium – Special Events

A. NCSRC “Houston Anderson Lecturers”

2000 Neil MacIntyre, MD
2001 Dean Hess, RRT
2002 David Collins, MD
2003 Ira Cheifetz, MD
2004 Edward Haponik, MD
2005 A. L. DeWitt, RRT, JD
2006 Nick Hill, MD
2007 Ira Cheifetz, MD
2008 Thomas Kallstrom, RRT
2009 Neil MacIntyre, MD
2010 Dan Grady, RRT
2011 Richard Branson, RRT

B. NCSRC Keynote Speakers

1993 H. A. “Bones” McKinney
1994 Jim Jones, MD
1995 Tiffini Turner
1996 Dean Hess, RRT
1997 Bob Demers, RRT
1998 William Dubbs, RRT
1999 Symposium Cancelled
2000 Bruce Rubin, MD
2001 Sam Giordano, RRT
2002 E. Norris Tolson
2003 Rick Sells, RRT
2004 Tommy Williams, RRT
2005 Kevin Shrake, RRT
2006 Ira Cheifetz, MD
2007 Bruce Rubin, MD
2008 Ira Cheifetz, MD
2009 Jill Saye, RRT
2010 Marci Wilding
2011 Senator William Purcell, MD