Remote Live In-Service Webinars from Passy Muir

Remote Live In-Service (RLI) Webinars are educational courses provided live by our clinical specialists. The weekly schedule of RLI webinars is posted below. You also may contact us at 1-800-634-5397 or to schedule a private webinar for your facility.

To participate in our RLI webinars, click on the “Join Webinar” link below for the scheduled course date and time that you prefer. The RLI webinars are posted on this webpage by Monday of each week.

Please be on time for any CEU events, as all webinars are only available to join within 10 minutes of the start time and last for one hour.

COVID-19 Bundle from Vapotherm
3 Courses (Up to 3 CRCE/CE credits)

The medical community keeps learning about best respiratory support approaches for patients with COVID-19. Here we help make the information accessible on your schedule.

    • Aerosol Drug Delivery for COVID-19 (1 CRCE/CE)
    • COVID-19: Best Practices with High Velocity Therapy (1 CRCE/CE)
    • COVID-19 & High Velocity Therapy–What We’ve Learned So Far (1 CRCE/CE)
    • Precision Flow In-Service
    • Access to a sample protocol for using Vapotherm high velocity therapy with COVID-19 patients and to a comprehensive eBook guide on high velocity therapy and COVID-19

Click Here to Enroll in the COVID-19 On-Demand Education Bundle