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Symposium 2014

Smoking Cessation for Respiratory Care: How to Start a Program – Susan Gallo

Engage, Educate & Empower for Optimal Outcomes – Tonya Winders

LKThe Pulmonary Impact of RecentMilitary Operations Iraqi1. – Lindsey Kreisher

COPD genetics 2014l– M. Douglas Lee, MD

Alarm Presentation  –  Cynthia White 

AECOPD management and prevention – Neil MacIntyre MD

 Myra Stearns – Business Meeting

Masqueraders of Wheezing: Asthma or a Wheeze in Sheep’s Clothing – Marzena E. Krawiec M.D.

Pharmacology in Critical Care – Brady Scott

Patient Ventilator Dysynchrony in CMV-Volume – Erik Kriner

 Patient-Ventilator DysynchronyInteractive Clinical Scenarios – Erik Kiner