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I. NCSRC Member Contribution and Recognition at the National Level

A. AARC Positions Held
1. President
1976 Houston Anderson
2. Vice President, Internal Affairs
2011 Susan Rinaldo-Gallo
3. Secretary
1969 Houston Anderson
1993 Jan Thalman
4. Secretary/Treasurer
2002 Susan Rinaldo-Gallo
2003 Susan Rinaldo-Gallo
5. Treasurer
1999 Garry Dukes
6. Board of Director Member
1972 Houston Anderson
1972 Wayne McIntosh
1998-2001 Susan Rinaldo-Gallo
2001-2005 Nick Widder
2004-2009 Susan Rinaldo-Gallo
2007 Nick Widder
7. Specialty Section Chair
2000-2005 Nick Widder
2007 Nick Widder

B. Jimmy A Young Medalist
Houston Anderson
Neil MacIntyre, MD

C. NBRC Position Held
President 1999 Barbara Wilson

D. House of Delegates Position Held
Treasurer 1995 Susan Rinaldo-Gallo
1996 Susan Rinaldo-Gallo
1997 Garry Dukes
1998 Garry Dukes

E. AARC Honors Awarded
1. Fellow of the American Association for Respiratory Care Recipient
1998 Neil MacIntyre, MD
1999 Houston Anderson, Jan Thalman
2001 Bruce Rubin, MD
2002 Ira Cheifetz, MD
2003 Donna Hammel
2004 Dan Grady, Michael Gentile
2005 John Davies
2009 Susan Rinaldo-Gallo, John Riggs
2010 Joe Hylton

2. AARC Adult Acute Care Section, Practitioner of the Year
1997 Nick Widder
2005 Joe Hylton
2007 Brady Scott
2008 Jhaymie Cappiello
3. AARC Surface and Air Transport Section, Practitioner of the Year
2006 Scott Prater
4. AARC Neonatal-Pediatric Section, Practitioner of the Year
2007 Tiffany Mabe
2010 Lee Williford

F. American Respiratory Care Foundation Honors Awarded
1993 Allen and Hansbury Award Recipient Neil MacIntyre, MD
Jan Thalman
Susan Rinaldo-Gallo