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Officers & Committees

PRESIDENT Trish Miller, BS, RCP, RRT, RPFT Sept 2020
VICE PRESIDENT Wayne Trainor, BSRT, RRT-ACCS, RCP  Sept 2019
TREASURER Malissa Lockamy, BS, RRT, RCP Dec 2020
SECRETARY Christy Isenhour, RRT, RCP Sept 2019
PAST- PRESIDENT Ricky Bowen, RRT, RCP Sept 2019
Joe Hylton, BSRT, ACCS/NPS, FAARC,FCCM Dec 2018
DELEGATE Lanny Inabnit, MS, RRT-ACCS-NPS, RCP Dec 2020


West Central East
Amanda Dexter (2020) Jamie Causey (2021) Tim King (2020)

Chad Harvey (2021)

Nikki Barrett (2020) Rusty Sugg (2021)
Sharon Kennedy (2019) John Wilson (2020) Jhaymie Cappiello (2021)
Amanda Fu (2019)  Lisa Cutshaw (2019) Joseph Hollowell (2019)


 Ira Cheifetz, MD  Neil McIntyre, MD
 Joe Coyle, MD  
Committee Chairs and Members
Nominations / Elections
Budget/Audit Chair: Malissa Lockamy
By Laws/Standing Rules Chair: Garry Dukes
Public Relations

Chair: Jhaymie Cappiello


Chair: Shelbourn Stevens, Lisa Cutshaw

Judicial Chair: Trish Miller
Membership Chair: Lawson Millner
Political Advocacy Committee (Professional Standards) Chair: Lawson Millner
Long Range Planning Chair: Trish Miller
Awards and Scholarships and Practitioner of the Year

Chair: Erica Poston

Christie Isenhour

Sputum Bowl Chair: Noah Jones


NCSRC Special Committees
Alternate Site/Home Care Chair: Bill Kiger

Chair: Lawson Millner

NCARE Chair: Trish Miller
Chartered Affiliate Chair: Connie Paladenech
NC Respiratory Manager’s Group Chair: Chad Harvey
Vendor Representatives Chair:
Research & Information Sharing

Chair: Mike Gentile

NCRCB Liaisons Chair: Bill Croft